Mexican, ceramic tiles add warmth to an interior, especially when added to a striking staircase. If you are looking to create a cohesive look between your interiors and the outdoor stair risers, consider our terracotta tiles for floors and stairs that are suitable for both environments. Wherever you live, bring a Southern feel to your home with beautiful, handmade ceramic products that enliven and brighten instantly kitchens, dining rooms, entry halls, and many more areas.

Terracotta tiles are made of local, rec clay that is of very high quality and provides excellent performance in all our Mexican Talavera tiles. In the case of terracotta tiles for floors and stairs, their look exudes sustainability and earthly feeling, requested by so many modern interior design styles. Each time, the homeowners raise environmental concerns and wish to live in sustainable, earth-friendly homes and apartments. Our skillful artisans, experts in pottery do not use any harmful substances and even the production of our ceramic products such as hand-painted, Talavera sinks, high relief tiles, or kitchen tile murals include only eco-friendly processes. If you are looking for neutral floors and stairs with a hint of warm orange or red, terracotta Mexican tiles will work perfectly. This type of material can help you to bring a subtle color that can be easily matched with many, earthy materials such as stone, wood, marble, and other Mexican design tiles that can work as an accent tile. Offered in three standard sizes: 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 inches, our terracotta floor tiles from Mexico can be purchased in rectangular, octagonal, or square shapes. We can imagine countless décor ideas that would include our Mexican floor tiles set against more colorful and intricate Talavera tiles that can be placed on walls, counters, shelves. They can also decorate furnishings or door or window frames. To create a flawless transition from one type of tile to another, you can for instance use our trim tiles.

One of the most interesting ways of accommodating floor terracotta tiles is to choose the largest option of those tiles and insert smaller Talavera tiles among the large pavers. Creative combinations of varicolored mosaic can add unique décor to any room of your house but where you can take the most advantage of this idea is on your stair risers. Have fun mixing terracotta tiles with stunning high-relief tiles. Each stair riser can have another design kept in similar hues or themes. Lastly, remember that our Mexican Talavera tiles can be also combined with authentic Mexican pottery or textiles to highlight the eclectic atmosphere of your remodeled home.