A big part of interior design — especially if you do not want to break the bank — is to incorporate decorative elements that can define the style of the room without huge renovation works. It is a true ability to know what kind of materials (such as wallpaper or ceramic tiles) or statement pieces of furniture can do pay off in the most efficient way. Without any doubt, many interior designers would agree that adding Talavera tile murals for backsplash can make an instant transformation in any style of kitchen.

Using our Mexican Talavera tiles, high relief tiles, and of course, kitchen tile murals can become an authentic, artistic expression. Just discover Mexican interior design and you will find endless possibilities to brighten and vitalize any surface with ceramic tiles. For many centuries, the Haciendas, Mexican mansions, and farmhouses had been decorated with colorful tiles in an infinity of options. Our company provides stunning solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms as well as outdoor areas such as gardens, verandas, and patios. Our decorative Talavera tiles can be installed on walls, floors, counters, and directly on furnishings. One of the most popular ways of embellishing furniture is to decorate tabletops with a blend of Mexican design tiles or placing tiles around window frames or open-concept shelves. However, in the case of a food preparation and cooking environment, where you want to put your focus is on the backsplash. A kitchen backsplash is designed not only to add a creative statement but first and foremost to protect the area that “suffers” the most from possible water splashes, grease, and food stains. Thus, Talavera tile Murals for backsplash perform decorative and functional functions.

How can you take the advantage of our hand-painted Talavera tile murals? You can order a substantial size mural that will work as a bold, visual statement in your unique décor, leaving the rest of the wall in solid color tiles or just a painted wall. This will highlight the importance of the Talavera tile mural. On the other hand, if you love creating a mosaic-alike design and you have a lot of space at your kitchen backsplash, choose a kitchen tile mural of your choice with matching Mexican border tiles or Talavera wall tiles. The border tiles allow the overall tiling work to be considered completed with an excellent style. It also gives a feeling of framed artwork just like a painting in a gallery.