We all know that the ceramic tile is the kitchen’s best friend and is used in the majority of modern and traditional decors. Perhaps you just want to spice up your backsplash area. Or maybe you want to go all the way and tile a whole wall or countertop in bright, vivid patterns. Either way, our Talavera Mexican designs are sure to bring some excitement to your kitchen remodel. Discover our weekly blog to find inspiration on how to enrich your kitchen with Talavera tiles.

There is no wrong way when dealing with Mexican, decorative tiles. The broad range of designs and colors combination allows the homeowners to freely experiment and create the most surprising mish-mash that sure will brighten up your kitchen. However, before ordering random patterns and especially, if you are not very good at making decisions, consider our Talavera tile mix. Each lot includes 100 Mexican tiles that were selected accordingly to their colors or theme. It can really save you a lot of time and some money as well. Additionally, the Mexican tiles in bulks are a perfect product for home developers that undergo many kitchen remodelling each year. On that note, how can you enrich your kitchen with Talavera tiles? What are the most suitable areas to be tiled in any kitchen? We would say that in the case of Talavera tiles and high relief tiles, the most noticeable space is the kitchen backsplash. You would use ceramic tiles anyway and why don’t you try to add the best product on the market. Our kitchen Talavera tiles are handmade and therefore unique but still, the price is really competitive. They are solid and durable and that is something you are probably looking for a material that will be placed in the most exposed area of your kitchen where all the cooking is going on. The backsplash Talavera tiles are also a splendid area for those who are afraid of too much pattern in one room. Paint your walls and counters in a solid color and leave the creativity for backsplash.

You can also use our varicolored Talavera tiles to create artistic contrast. All-natural pigments used in the production of those square tiles are very intensive and vivid. For instance, if you use cobalt blue or green designs in combination with classic terracotta, it will make our Mexican tiles stand out easily. Other areas that can benefit from our hand-painted Talavera tiles are counters, shelves and even tabletops. You can decorate a kitchen island with them or the area of the stove. It will create a frame effect, highlighting the appliances you wish. Therefore, imagine your home with this joyful Southern flair and plan your next remodelling that incorporates Mexican Talavera tiles. Just looking at them can give you a sense of energy and excitement.