Stair risers, door and window surrounds, countertops and splashes, shower walls, accent bands, and wail panels are just some of the many uses for colorful relief tiles from Mexico. If you dream about enhancing Spanish, Southern or, generally speaking, Mediterranean style, this traditional ceramic product will bring the authentic Mexican craft into any style of apartments and houses. You might even live in Alaska, but your home will boost a warm and joyful feel with our Mexican Talavera tiles.

Our blog brings new decorative ideas on Mexican tiles and other ceramic products and accessories every week. If you have followed us for some time now, you probably already have discovered the amazing opportunities that Mexican Talavera tiles in all forms, sizes, and colors offer to any renovation, small and very complex. In the case of high relief tiles, its use can be limited since as the name implies the surface has relief elements that should draw attention before the background designs. Its bidimensional feature might create some difficulties if the relief tile would be placed in the food prep area for instance. An even surface would be much more recommended under these circumstances. On the other hand, colorful relief tiles from Mexico are suitable and even essential if what the customer wants is to create a bold visual statement. Think of all the ways you can enhance your outdoor and indoor living spaces with bright, exciting Mexican tiles. Just to name a few. High relief tiles matched with Mexican border tiles can make excellent wall decoration in dining rooms, eat-in kitchens, outdoor patios, and verandas. The exterior wall of your home can also benefit from our durable and sturdy Mexican tiles. Consider decorating the front door with a stunning tiled frame; the same can be applied to the windows. The use of ceramic relief tiles in embellishing stair risers is already a classic move. Choose a different pattern for each row of risers for an even stronger effect. And to boost the Southern flair add some Talavera planters.

Because our handmade, Mexican tiles, fired at this higher temperature, exhibit decreased surface crazing, the use of these tiles is more appropriate where water and significant temperature variations occur such as inside showers and exterior walkway and patio accent tiles. The same applies to high relief tiles. That is why they are used so commonly to crate beautiful outdoor décor. Ceramic tiles are fired at high temperatures and are absolutely fine for swimming pools and fountains in mild climates where there is no danger of freezing. However, if you live in a climate that can get minus 0 degrees, we strongly discourage using ceramic materials. Even ceramic tile will over time, absorb water and if allowed to then freeze, it will crack. It will NOT crack if it does not freeze.