Choosing from thousands of designs that our online shop is offering might cause a real headache. We’ve got your back. For individual homeowners or developers who are underlying large projects, we have prepared a special section that is called Mexican Mixed Tiles. In there, our clients have at their disposal thoroughly selected lots with our wonderful decorative Talavera tiles that can be used in innumerable remodelling projects. Floors, walls, counters, and pretty much anything you can think of can be decorated with our ceramic tiles. Talavera Mexican mixed Tiles, chosen beforehand by our employees, will save you time and money.

To make things even less complicated you can find special packages of Mexican Talavera tiles for specific areas that are the most popular once to be decorated with a tile such as kitchen backsplashes or stair risers. Each mixed tiles bulk contains ten different tile designs to make your décor entertaining and interesting. We try to choose the main pattern so your project does not lack integrity and elegance. Our Talavera Mexican mixed tiles are able to enliven and brighten any style of home. That is their major benefit. You will be able to find classic Talavera patterns but also funny and colorful Andalucian motives or even solid color mixed tiles. If you dream of a Southern feel interior, consider Mexican Folk Tiles Mix that includes the most iconic Mexican-influenced designs with cactuses, lizards and Aztec suns. This collection is full of vivid, intense colors that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. It is ideal for embellishing farmhouse homes that enhance the old Hacienda look. On the other hand, if what you want to achieve is a boho style that is not limited by any specific culture, have a look at our celestial collection. This tile mix lot incorporates stunning, astrological designs with suns and moons in all its phases. Despite the fact that it represents just two main images, we made sure that you can find various colors so there will be sun and moon tiles with green, blue, yellow and terracotta backgrounds.

Lastly, as we have previously mentioned, we do not forget about those clients that are hesitant towards jazzy designs and are looking for solid colors tiles with a rustic twist. In the Mexican tile Color Mix, you will find 100 ceramic Talavera tiles in several colors that range from very vivid to washed and almost transparent. Once you check our selection of handcrafted Mexican tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms, your renovation process will be effortless. You can create any tiling job with our special tile lots. However, if you feel that something is missing to create this finished look, have a look at our high relief tiles and Mexican border tiles that probably is what will make your tiling project unique.