If you desire to bring the sophistication of Colonial or Mediterranean style to your home, consider adding blue and white Talavera tile designs that are inspired by the centuries-old tradition of Mexican pottery. Our handmade Talavera tiles have a very wild use in the decoration of the interiors and exteriors of any style of home. The broad range of types of our ceramic products will make your next renovation project a painless and even enjoyable task. With the most classic of them all, blue and white Talavera tiles, your home transforms into Southern-induced Hacienda.

Mexican border tiles, kitchen tile murals, colorful wall Talavera tiles and various types of trim tiles, all offer numerous and creative solutions to decorate walls, counters, floors and even tabletops. In the case of blue and white Talavera tile designs, the homeowners might find them suitable for adding a dash of color in bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and patios. In the beginning, the majority of Mexican, decorative tiles were created by using cobalt blue and white. Why? It actually was a symbol of social position. Everyone knew that the blue pigment was the most expensive of all and therefore, being able to embellish your house’s facade, entry or door frame with those blue and white tiles was a way of saying I am wealthy enough. With time, new hues were added to the collection of Mexican Talavera tiles. As a consequence, our collection of varicolored tiles include pattern hand-painted in yellow, green, terracotta, brown, purple and of course cobalt blue and white. Combining those rich and vibrant colors in complex and stunning designs is what makes our Talavera ceramic sinks and tiles unique and priceless. The fact that all our products are made manually adds a one-of-a-kind feel to them. They are authentic, artistic with a dash of roughness, ideal for rustic décor.

Besides, Mexican tile designs that are hand-painted over regular red clay that is later fired, our clients will find a broad collection of high relief tiles that have the prominent features of hand-painted pattern undercut, allowing these relieved elements to be strongly projected from the background. You can also find them as blue and white couple designs that can be ideal for separating two different surfaces or accentuating specific areas. This kind of tile adds a lot of texture and are an unusual focal point so we recommend using it in invisible parts of a home such as stair risers tiles or kitchen backsplash.