Mexican design is greatly influenced by its Spanish colonial settlers but also by many indigenous cultures, creating a fascinating blend of styles. The beautiful hues and patterns can easily enliven any style of bathroom, whether big and small. Combining modern, high-tech features with old-looking or even vintage pieces will make your interiors look unusual and alluring. With a painted ceramic sink from Mexico, any bathroom will gain a colorful focal point and a functional vanity that will become the treasure of your family.

If you are thinking of adding some South of the border feel to your home, undoubtedly ceramic accessories, Talavera tiles and varicolored, ethnic textiles are fundamental for your new décor. In Mexican interior design, traditional and modern, the color means life, happiness and art. The more, the better. When we look at the most prestigious projects in real estate, sometimes it seems that the only way of achieving a luxurious and vanguard look is by using neutral colors and a minimalist approach. However, the truth is that it is the easiest way of creating a versatile style bathroom that probably will never get a wow effect. If you love Latin American architecture, bold color choices, stunning nature and its art, you should definitely get inspired by their most iconic features such as ceramic Talavera sinks, large, handmade mirrors made of copper or punched tin, hand-carved, wooden furniture. It seems that in a Mexican-inspired bathroom everything must be unique and custom-made for a specific project. This creativity and singularity is a real synonym of luxury. Finding the most suitable ceramic sink from Mexico can be a real joy to your eye. Our customers can choose among thousands of designs which makes it so easy to find the perfect model for your existing patterns and colors. If the layout is done from scratch, you will be able to match Mexican wall and floor tiles with a ceramic sink.

If you are afraid that Mexican tiles and sink might be too overwhelming, try blending solid colors with patterns. A beautifully hand-painted Talavera sink can give contrast to a neutral color of walls and floors. Use Mexican, high relief tiles or Mexican border tiles as accents to finish the tiling area. Leave the rest of the surfaces in light, solid colors such as off-white, beige or grey. Finally, once you defined colors, choose the shape of your Talavera washbasin between the oval and round shape as well as the installation way which can be drop-in or undermount.