Millions of tourists each year fall in love with Mexican culture, architecture and nature that inspired homeowners, interior designers and producers around the world. As a country that appreciates creative artistry and design, we can learn so much from Mexican interiorism. Although we cannot live in Mexico year-round, we can copy an artistic way of decorating homes and create stunning spaces full of beauty, cheerfulness and tranquillity. The best way to start is to use similar materials, colors and textures like those found in Mexico. With Mexican Talavera tiles, you will feel like South-of-the-border again. In this post, we want to show you how easy is to create Mexican style dining room with tiles.

Decorative Mexican tiles add warmth and ambience to any space, from a functional, farmhouse kitchen that features hand-painted tile murals to a Hacienda-style chill-out area in your patio. The usual rooms that include tiling projects are bathrooms and kitchens but in a Mexican home, you will be able to find varicolored accents in each corner. Our Mexican Talavera tiles are suitable for both interiors and exteriors. Their unique feel, vibrant colors and rich textures can also add interest to a fashionable dining room. Usually Southern feel home value mostly those areas that I shared like a dining room, kitchen or garden. What you should be looking for is to create a soothing, comfortable atmosphere in a space that is full of colors that can be introduced with our Mexican design tiles, artwork for the walls, ceramic accessories and of course wonderful Mexican textiles. Create remarkable tiles combinations with thousands of patterns that we have on offer. No two tiles are exactly alike as made 100% in a handmade wat by pottery exports. Some of the spaces that can be tiled and are quite evident are floors and walls. However, what about decorating your wooden dining table with a mix of Mexican Talavera tiles? Apart from the spectacular, rustic design of our ceramic tiles, they also offer a durable and sturdy surface that is going to be very easy to clean.

Another jazzy idea to spice up your living room is to use Mexican border tiles as frames for your windows or around the chimney. It is an unusual way of drawing attention to a specific area of your dining room. In order to choose the tile that will best complement your space, analyze your existing décor. If your dining room is styled in calm, neutral hues, it will without a doubt benefit from vibrant color contrast. On the other hand, if a living room is already full of colors, have a look at our side menu to choose the color you are most interested in and that does not clash with what you have already. Mexican ceramic craft offers amazing color combinations that bring joy but also tranquillity like a classic white and blue, but also bright yellow and blue or red with green. Discover the world of Mexican tiles that include high relief tiles, floor tiles, trim tiles and kitchen tile murals. With our online shop creating a Mexican dining room with tiles is the easiest task in a renovating process.