Beautifully crafted tiles might be one of the most popular ways of decorating the floors around the globe, and definitely, it is of the most ancient. Tile floors were popular back in Roman Imperium, prized by the Moorish kings and later introduced into royal interiors of modern Europe. In Mexican architecture, it is an essential part of the Hacienda style and most of the rustic residencies include handmade, terracotta floor tiles from Mexico. Whether it is used for an elegant hallway or a high-traffic kitchen, tile flooring with a pattern directs the eye downward, offering visual delight to you and your guests.

Red clay Mexican floor tiles are a classic addition to infinitive interior design projects. On one hand, you could say that there is not much of a complication while choosing those reddish, earthly hue tiles. You can only order them in terracotta with a washed, red tone. On the other hand, our terracotta floor tiles from Mexico are made in three standard sizes: 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 inches. The shape of a tile can be also changed. You can buy it rectangular, octagonal and square. Often, smaller decorative tiles from Dolores Hidalgo or Puebla are installed as inserts among the larger pavers. Creating these effective tiles combination adds some color and interesting texture to your surfaces. It works incredibly in patios, balconies and hallways or stair risers. You can match terracotta floor tiles that include tiny inserts with our Mexican border tiles that can be coordinating or contrasting, depending on which effect you are looking for. Those durable but refined, classy tiles are suitable for tiling larger spaces. They must not necessarily be the show stopper of the layout. You could say that Mexican floor tiles are offering homeowners an empty canvas. The final look of the painting will depend on all of the elements used over this canvas. The same happens with our hand-made, ceramic tiles.

If you are looking for an easy way to add interest and style and give your floor a finished appearance, you should undoubtedly check our Talavera Mexican tiles and high relief tiles. Both products will coordinate with terracotta floor tiles from Mexico which are as easy to install as the multicolored designs. Being a solid color with a very natural look, red clay floor tiles matches many sustainable materials such as metals, stone, wood and marble. They add hacienda character to a dining, living, family room and kitchen or bathroom. In Mexico, you can find them in pretty much all private residencies, Colonial squares, churches and colonial-style hotels.