Some decorative Talavera tiles are designed to steal the show, to highlight the style you want. Other types of tiles are made to give the finished look and their purpose is, on the contrary, not to be seen. The trim tiles were invented to make the tiling surface look flawless, so there would not be any drastic breaks between different surfaces such as a tile and the painted wall. Among the trim tiles, Mexican bullnose trim tiles are one that is being used in most tiling projects. Probably you have never heard of the bullnose tile, although most probably you already have this tile design in your home without realizing it.

Mexican bullnose trim tiles are the most versatile trim piece. Now, if you are not a constructor, probably you do not even know what a bullnose tile is. The bullnose trim tiles present characteristic rounded edges. They are commonly used as a trim piece or edge treatment to frame a tile design’s perimeter or cover the corners. This way, sharper angles, as well as unfinished tile sides, are prevented from being visible on the wall or floor. The rounded edges make the bull tile a great safety solution and it also makes your renovation project pop out. With one edge slightly curved to provide a smooth transition to a flat wall, it can be used in endless remodelling projects to finish the edge of a tile project. The most common application of a bullnose trim tile can be found on walls and counters. If you are decorating a backsplash or accent wall with Mexican Talavera tiles or stunning tile murals, unfinished edges that don’t match up with the wall will be visible. Placing a row of bullnose tiles around the perimeter of your design offers a more finished look. This option is also great for perfecting the hard-to-work corners. Mexican trim tiles are used to smooth out sharp edges in kitchens and bathrooms: around the sinks, bathtubs and kitchen counters. For that, there are different shapes of bullnose tiles such as square and rectangular and our company produce double bullnose tiles that have two rounded edges and two regulars.

It is very easy to make a matching combination of Talavera tiles for walls and floors with our excellent trim tiles. The solid color options of bullnose trim tiles coordinate with traditional hues used for creating Talavera tiles and high relief tiles. The main colors in Mexican pottery are cobalt blue, green, terracotta, yellow, white. However, modern patterns may include black, brown, purple or even pink. For the next tile project, don’t forget to include this tile type to finish the look.