Nowadays, the exterior part of our homes is not getting the attention it deserves. We all focus on decorating the interiors and the patio that is a natural extension of the indoor space. However, we should not neglect the entry, including your house’s facade and front steps. If your home has a Spanish or Mexican influence, most probably there is an arched entry door with a couple of stair risers that lead inside. Create a welcoming feel for your guests by decorating front steps with Mexican tiles. Our handmade, ceramic tiles are perfect for upgrading any area of a private residency as well as businesses and public areas that need some Southern feel.

If you have ever visited a Mexican household, you probably know that hospitality is a distinctive feature of Mexican people. They want you to feel welcome even before you enter their homes. Decorating front steps with Mexican tiles is one of the ways to create a unique décor that any visitor will forget. Regardless of your postcode, you can also create this amazing atmosphere and bring a south-of-the-border feel to your outdoor living space. Our Mexican Talavera tiles are one of the most characteristic crafts that modern Mexico has to offer. Many tile patterns are inspired by the endemic cultures of this diverse and vast country, by landscapes and its people. The color palette used to create Talavera ceramic products reflects the traditional pottery technique, but it is also enriched by vivid hues of Mexican art and contrasting tones combination. You will be able to create spectacular compositions on each riser of your front stairs that will draw the attention of any person walking by. Consider matching neutral, earthly terracotta tiles with variclored and alluring high relief tiles that will embellish the risers. The reddish hue of terracotta tiles adds a lot of vibrancy to your entry. It also makes all the other colors of decorative Mexican tiles stand out.

Continue this aesthetic fiesta for the eye by adding some additional Talavera accessories such as flower pots, wall art and an accent over the arch of your main door. Remember, if you decide to commit to a Southern theme, your front steps should be decorated with bold hues of green, cobalt blue, red or yellow. Your front porch décor will make a statement. After all, handcrafted, Mexican tiles for stair risers are inviting, charming, elaborate and ornate.