We can get so many meaningful ideas from the Mexican culture and lifestyle and one of the most precious is the ability of its people to enjoy outdoor living. Mexican love spending time with friends and family preparing delicious food, barbecues and cold margaritas. They also boast outdoor living by creating the most delightful decors for gardens, terraces, patios and traditional courtyards. Sometimes the only thing you need to enliven your outdoors is some handmade, unique tiles that embellish the most critical areas of your home and garden. Learn how to introduce a rustic style patio with Mexican tiles.

Enrich your outdoor living space with vivid color, warmth and a rich blend of cultural Spanish Colonial and Moroccan influences in a rustic style patio. A South-of-the-border theme outdoors might include the most emblematic elements of Mexican finest design: stunning, hand-sewn textiles, beautifully crafted, sustainable pieces of furniture made of natural materials and of course, decorative Talavera tiles. If your lifestyle includes entertaining and spending time outdoors with family and friends throughout the year, a rustic style patio with Mexican tiles seems a perfect fit. Whether your home is designed in a modern or more traditional style, a rustic flair is always in vogue and easy to match with existing décor. You will be able to pair the organic nature of our wall and counters Mexican tiles with a stylish, functional design that is a natural fit for patios, decks and porches. Achieving a cohesive look can be as simple as adding a few well-placed movable pieces such as patio dining sets with a Southern flair set against the main patio wall decorated with one or various patterns of solid color tiles combined with high relief tiles. If you only want to add accent texture and color with our Mexican Talavera tile, choose an eye-catching element of your patio or garden that can feature ceramic tiles. It could be a wall fountain frame by Mexican border tiles or a subtle accent line around the swimming pool. The barbecue or bar spot can also be covered by our high-gloss tiles that offer an easy material to clean and maintain apart from the evident aesthetic benefits.

If you do not have a lot of space for spacious outdoor furnishings, you can always find a spot to place a smaller round table that can accommodate four guests. A functional dining area can be decorated with our handcrafted Talavera tiles that are offered on our web pages in thousands of designs and incredible color palettes. You can consider doing some of the work yourself such as creating an intricate mosaic out of broken tiles or decorate your tabletop with ceramic Talavera tiles that are sold as 4×4 or 6×6 inches. It is an effortless way to add a festive and cheerful mood and accent, even more, your rustic style patio with Mexican tiles.