Talavera tile from Mexico is a decorating material that is living its highest popularity right now. The hand-made, ceramic tiles with stunning, intricate patterns have been quite popular in the United States and Europe for some time but once the rustic style came back into fashion so did the artisan-made tiles. With so many variations and types of Mexican designs, you can create a finished look for your bathroom or kitchen. Not only do we offer wall, floor, and counters tiles but also more specific decorative Talavera border tiles or different sorts of trim tiles.

If you are willing to create a Southern décor in your home, Mexican Talavera tiles, including Talavera border tiles will be your best ally. From the patio to the bathroom to the kitchen to the stair risers, red-clay tiles are suitable for any surface in both, interior and exterior. Whether you want to go full on Mexican vibe or you are just looking to add a splash of color and interesting textures, our collection of handcrafted tiles will work perfectly. You’ll find patterns, solids, animals, many different themes you can work with. What we would recommend you before starting to install the tile combination, is to choose the main colors first and then look for a secondary color palette in form of Talavera border tiles for instance. If you are too afraid of vivid colors, you can always choose a solid color main tile and later decorate the room with more subtle accent tiles. There are so many creative ways of using our decorative Talavera border tiles. First of all, they help to create the feeling of completion of a project. You can use them as a frame in case you are installing a kitchen tile mural. Additionally, you can use them as the main protagonist on the stair risers that are narrower than the usual size.

With a high gloss glaze and a rustic feel, our decorative Talavera tiles will be the most precious decorative element of any remodeling project. Take into account that Talavera is one of the oldest and more renowned pottery styles in the world and we are continuing this tradition in almost the same way as the Mexican craftsmen in the XVI century. Keep reading our blog to find many more inspirations for any tiling ideas for homes and gardens. Our company has decades of experience in Mexican and more generally speaking Southern style and we love sharing the décor tips with our customers.