Looking for unique ways to add artful and stunning decoration that is easy to install and functional? Is artwork can be really working for something more than adding a specific ambience? Yes, definitely. Check out our collection of handmade and hand-painted Mexican Talavera tiles that range from simple, plain colors, complex, mosaic patterns to the most elaborated wall tile murals. Any ceramic application offered by our company will revamp instantly your décor while protecting your surfaces from quick deterioration. No matter what room you choose, if you add our decorative wall tile murals, they will become instantly its focal point.

wall tile mural

Our art ceramic wall tile murals will make a great addition to the decor of any art lover. The main themes presented by our Mexican pottery artisans could divide between the indigenous representation of scenery, people and their customs, animals and plants that are characteristic of Mexico. The other large part of our collection is dedicated to natural landscapes of rural areas, picturesque views over the European countryside and wonderful paintings of still life. However, you should know that if you do not find anything that speaks to your artistic soul or does not match the style of your interior design, you can actually send us your design to create an ultimate custom-made piece of ceramic art.

Decorative wall tile murals can be applied in so many situations. The favorite and most obvious way of taking advantage of the durability and beauty of our ceramic products is embellishing your cooking area in modern and traditional kitchens. Our Mexican tile murals are perfectly suitable for use as a backsplash, especially behind a stove or sink. Decorating your backsplash can consist of a simple and delicate tile mural placed in the middle of the kitchen wall, at eye level. On the other hand, a decorative tile mural can be as impressive and almost as large as the Mexican mural paintings that one can enjoy in many museums and public spaces in Mexico. From the top to the bottom of the feature wall, you can create a dramatic statement with our Mexican Talavera tiles. A spacious shower is an area that is chosen frequently to be accentuated with a Mexican tile mural. Again, it brings a unique texture and vibrant hues white protecting your walls from getting humid or dirty. It is so easy to maintain and clean. Those fired red clay tiles are the best material for bathroom settings. Last but not least, wall tile murals can be treated as artwork on their own. Include it into your wall gallery in living rooms, hallways or patios.