Often homeowners dedicate all their time and energy to create the most amazing and personal design for their interiors, especially kitchens and bathrooms. However, if you are thinking about selling your property or, on the contrary, you just bought one and you want to make it feel like yours, you should never forget to add a personal touch to the exteriors of your home. Create an outside that can reflect the style of the rest of your spaces. In Southern Europe and Mexico, people have been embellishing their facades and front door with colorful, ceramic tiles for centuries. With our online Talavera tiles shop, you can add a little bit of spice to your outdoors and decorate home exteriors with Mexican tiles. Thousands of patterns and colors combination allow you to achieve a timeless charm and a wow factor.

The facade of a home not only plays a key role in making a great first impression but also expresses the personality of its occupants. If you are looking to obtain a cohesive style between interior and exterior, you need to use matching colors or materials that represent your style. Modern rustic, Colonial Spanish and Mexican Hacienda homes are known to be heavily decorated with wall, floor and counter Mexican tiles. However, you can use similar dĂ©cor ideas for your exteriors, especially if you want your home to stand out. Add a welcoming feel to your front door and decorate home exteriors with Mexican tiles. You have plenty of possibilities to add color and texture. Exteriors can be a great place to design and experiment with colours and finishes. Consider classic terracotta floor tiles for covering the entry path to your front door. The larger floor tiles can have smaller tile inserts with varicolored designs. Another wonderful idea to add a signature style is to embellish your front door frame with Mexican Talavera tiles or high relief tiles. They can be installed creating an arch or just a simpler rectangular shape. If you are not a massive fan of colors but love rustic, handmade elements, you can always opt for adding just a simple tile square that shows your home’s number or name.

On the other hand, if you want to replicate the look of Portuguese or Mexican mansions, you can go full on colors and patterns and create a unique facade consisting of a feature wall, covered by our decorative Mexican tiles from the top to the bottom. You can find many inspiring examples when travelling to Colonial cities of Mexico, Andalucian Spain or the capital of Portugal. You can choose your Talavera tiles according to a color scheme or the theme of its patterns. Although many of our handcrafted, Mexican tiles present abstracts forms, some depict figurative art with animals, people or landscapes. Due to this diversity, each tiling project will be one-of-a-kind.