Fabulously colorful, hand-painted Mexican pottery whether tableware, flower planters, Talavera tiles or Mexican bathroom sinks will not leave anyone indifferent. Their design is a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, Moorish and even Chinese influences and this blend is simply stunning. In case you are interested in enliven your bathroom décor and you dream of one of those stunning Mexican designs, some authentic suppliers offer handmade online Talavera sinks from Mexico and no, it is not as expensive as you could have imagined.

Perhaps you find Mexican pottery very appealing but you are afraid that its style is just too extravagant or too rustic for your home setting. In reality, the variety of patterns, color combinations and shapes allows you to choose a washbasin for any bathroom style. From vibrant colors and most exotic patterns to sophisticated, two-color choices with versatile designs, online Talavera sinks from Mexica are a great choice to revamp your bathroom’s look and add a statement, ceramic piece. Our ceramic bathroom sinks from Mexico are manufactured in a small town called Dolores Hidalgo that together with Puebla are the main Mexican ceramic hubs. Dolores Hidalgo is known internationally for its Talavera production of all kinds of products including handcrafted Talavera tiles, bathroom accessories such as sinks, toilets as well as many decorative ceramic items for your exteriors (planters, tabletops etc.). Mexican bathroom sinks that our artisans elaborate are designed in various shapes. The most popular one is a vessel sink that is installed over the counter, exposing the entire beauty of its exterior walls instead of hiding it under the counter.

Another type of ceramic bathroom sink that attracts a lot of interest is the oval-shaped sink, designed for drop-in and undermount. Thousands of patterns and colors of our handcrafted oval sinks will transport you to the artistic and vibrant atmosphere of Colonial Mexico. The same happens with rectangular and round sinks from Mexico. They are created using the same or similar patterns that we use to produce our Mexican Talavera wall tiles and counters tiles. You can therefore set up a stunning décor with a predominant pattern for your bathroom walls and vanity. This will help you to introduce an authentic Southern feel in your interiors and spice up your master bath or powder room. On the contrary, you can use any decorative and hand-painted sink to juxtapose it against modern or even minimalist interiors. It will stand out even stronger and add a warm element that perhaps your bathroom needs.