Powder room or spacious master bath, any washroom can get spiced up with our handmade bathroom sinks from Mexico, created in any shape and size. Those ceramic masterpieces are produced in Dolores Hidalgo and shipped worldwide as round, oval and rectangular. Any handmade bathroom sinks can be hand made as a vessel for over counter installation that can be also used as a drop-in. Most Mexican tile sink designs have over-flow system built-in allowing water drain back in case you forget to close it.

handmade mexican talavera bathroom sinks

The Mexican technique of hand-painting patterns is called Talavera that goes back to the XVI century Spain that at that point was the European centre for tile glazing and decorative tiling. With time, Mexican architecture and interior designing integrated and improved this technique, introducing colorful tiles everywhere, also into bathrooms ornamentation. Until now the most popular products from Mexico were oval sinks for undermount drop-in counter installation. The latest trend however in rustic home improvement is round and rectangular vessel model. If you are not willing to embark on a big remodelling in your bathroom but still you feel the room needs some change and fresh style, handmade bathroom sinks are a stunning option for you. Just choose white colors for walls and floor to make the room look more spacious and choose a Talavera sink to give it a Mediterranean or Southern appeal. On the other hand, if you are remodelling a big space you can add many other colonial accents such as our tinned mirrors, toilets and bath accessories as a complement to your new Southern-inspired sink. You can also customize the size and shape of your sink, adjusting to your particular design. You can mix and match any blends of colors and motifs you want adding pops of colors you desire. With great planning and design, your bathroom will be lively and vibrant and a real Mexican delight! They blend perfectly in rustic or farmhouse ambiences and they can be used in a modern layout as a juxtaposition and an element of surprise.

The variety of colors, patterns, forms of our Mexican ceramic sinks astonishes anyone. Our collection ranges from simple and sleek one-color oval and round sinks to real works of art with figurative images, geometrical mosaics or ethnic designs, painted both inside and outside of sink’s basin. The color scheme is also impressive which gives you the chance to pair yous new handmade sink form Mexico with the rest of the ambience in your bathroom. From classical white and blue patterns to intense and contrasting hues such as yellow and cobalt blue or terracotta red, deep blue, the hand-painted Mexican sink will bring a cheerful flair and will liven up the style of your master bath or smaller washroom.