You finally got your decision on purchasing the ideal handmade, Mexican tiles from our broad collection but you want your project to have finished and polished appearance. Unique remodelling requires the best finishing and the trim tiles including Mexican rope tiles will make your tiling work look cohesive and bring a timeless tradition to any room.

handmade mexican ceramic rope tiles

Trimmed tiles refer to tiles placed along the edges of mostly tiling project. Just like hand-painted tiles, the Mexican trim tiles can appear in multiple areas of the house, including the kitchen, bathroom and veranda. Just like the Talavera tiles, the rope tiles can be both installed in the interior and exterior of your home, being water-resistant and durable material. Decorative rope tiles are often used to complete tile designs, such as backsplashes or countertops. They are also used to complete the area around the bathtub, stairs and tiled fireplace. When tiles are mixed with another surface or with tiles of other sizes, trimming the tiles is very important. There are many types of ceramic moldings such as bullnose, pencil trim tiles and rope tiles. To complement best your Talavera tiles, the rope tiles can be painted solid or finished with the washed pattern. We offer a variety of colors that will pair gracefully with your Mexican floor and wall tiles. You can choose between white, terracotta light and cobalt blue, green and brown that are the basic colors used in traditional Talavera tiles.

Rope moldings are useful for adding a rustic accent between wall tiles or creating a final edge. The Mexican rope tiles are a very special type of moldings because they are curved and have a unique rope pattern raised from the surface and therefore they offer an unconventional finishing touch and colonial style. They might be used as a decorative element on their own for instance as a mirror or painting frame. Together with a ceramic tile, the rope tiles bring a traditional flair and make your rooms looking really sharp. Your customized remodelling deserves the high-quality and professional finishings just like our trim tiles. Apart from its original aesthetics, they play a protective role while being fixed around the wall and floor tiles. The rope moldings keep the surfaces dry and clean just like the normal tiles. They can be that perfect complement your home improvement project needed to look smooth and flawless.