Bring some fun to your floors, walls and counters with our Talavera tile inserts that can be installed in many, fascinating ways to create Spanish hacienda or Victorian flair. The old-world atmosphere can be easily brought to your interiors and veranda or patio by inserting hand-painted Talavera ceramics between larger floor or wall tiles made of cement of clay.

talavera tile inserts from mexico

You can enjoy the charming combination of a Mexican tile and a classic, red clay floor tile that can be placed in a broad variety of schemes. Even though Talavera tiles are soft, they can be used as inserts among larger floor tiles. The floor pavers are sold in many shapes such as octagonal or square. In the case of octagonal floor tiles, the smaller Talavera tile inserts can be distributed in each corner. This interesting visual effect will look gracefully in Southern-inspired designs in dining rooms or kitchen with other rustic elements such as handcrafted tiles on walls or counters, wooden cabinets and shabby pieces of furniture. You can find many ideas for rustic home improvements on our Web page including Mexican sinks, relief tiles or stunning kitchen tile murals.

A perfect environment to design beautiful mosaics with two different types of ceramics is a garden or a veranda with stairs that bring you to the outdoors where the greenery pairs beautifully with handcrafted and natural, earthly materials. You can mix and match your Talavera tile inserts in a way that your floors and stair risers will enliven and look much more interesting. You have the classic chess composition that brings harmony into any space. However, if you prefer to create a stronger contrast, choose vivid and bright colors for your inserts and plain color for the main theme pavement. The alignment can be also more surprising with a single Talavera tile insert placed around four bigger, square tiles or choosing a small, mosaic composition of Talavera tile inserts that will have a predominant color composition in common but different patterns. The tile inserts will bring as much intensity and diversity as you want. Let your imagination run wild to create an ultimate personalized Mexican theme floor and walls. It is a great idea for transitional bathrooms, kitchens and dining rooms that brings contemporary vanities with more traditional, colonial materials like ceramics. The Talavera tile inserts can play the prevailing role in your remodelling project or can be used as an accent tile in the form of a border strip or frame. This idea will break up the consistency and create interest and intrigue.