If your lifestyle includes relaxing and spending time in your beautiful patio throughout the year, a Mexican-inspired garden seems a perfect fit. What better material to enhance the Southern feel than Mexican tiles for patio, all hand-painted by local artisans. Enrich your outdoor living space with bright color, warmth and a rich blend of Spanish and Colonial influences with some of our handmade Mexican tiles. Check out the collection for the perfect tone and design to pair it with the patio decor.

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There is no other culture that would appreciate the patio more than Spaniards. They love for this architectural feature was deeply seeded in Mexican culture as well. The courtyard that was usually built in the middle of the Hacienda is up to today a favourite outdoor living space and Mexicans are real experts in creating bright and cheerful ambiences in their patios and gardens. One of the basic elements of those designs is undoubtedly Mexican tiles for patio including relief tiles or accent floor tiles used in a variety of creative ways. A Mexico-inspired patio must include a space for food preparing and chilling. We cannot imagine a Southern event that would not include a rich cuisine and some social interactions. There is nothing that Mexicans love more than sharing rich food with their friends and family in their outdoors. You can create a similar atmosphere in your home with some subtle Southwest details such as tiling the barbecue is or a large table ornamented with Mexican tiles that combine the color scheme of the rest of the eating area. By installing different patterns we can make a bold separation from the rest of green spaces and we also protect the area from stains. The Mexican tiles for patio are very durable and solid so they will survive many fiestas to come.

Another essential element to incorporate into outdoors that enhance the Mexican heritage is water. Consider installing a fountain that can become a stunning focal point and provide the relaxing sounds of running water. To embellish a concrete wall fountain choose one of our Talavera, hand-painted tiles. Additionally, you can choose Mexican relief tiles to decorate your stair risers and by that, you make a stunning introduction to a more rustic and earthly style of your garden or patio. When installing tiles from Mexico, you need to consider the temperatures during winter months. In a warm climate such as Houston or Texas the use of Mexican tiles for patio is common and there is no problem with having them exposed all year round. It is suggested that the area where they are installed is covered with the roof but the water itself is not going to cause any problems. Only freezing moisture on the Talavera surface may cause cracking or other damages.