Mexican culture is bursting with color, from bright architecture to colorful cuisine, vibrant textiles, and vivid folk art. If you are looking to add some pop of colors in your home, you are going to love Mexican tile colors and the richness and stunning elaboration of each tile design.

mexican tile colors

Mexico is a country that takes to a whole new level the use of warm and vivid colors. Just think of the Colonial architecture: yellow, orange or pink stucco walls are the usual view while sightseeing cities and smaller towns. Mexican ceramic tiles are of course the essential part of the architecture and interior designing and the use of specific tile colors is a deep and old-centuries tradition. Our company offers Mexican tiles in a very defined color palette that include yellow, orange, blue, cobalt, green, red and terra cotta. Some tiles in Mexico are painted with the white background first and then washed with one of color paints. Those Talavera hand-painted tiles have a very rustic and vintage look, just as if they were centuries old. The charm of rustic materials comes from the singularity of each ceramic rectangle. Each of the Mexican tiles is unique. They vary not only in shape but also in shades from dark to light. To simplify our customer’s decision you can go to our menu and pick a specific color you are interested in. The browser will give you thousands of intricate and cheerful patterns to choose from.

The traditional Talavera tiles were painted only with cobalt blue and white but with time, new colors were added and so, today you can find some of the most amazing combination you can imagine like orange and violet or green with blue. Working with different colors can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming but one solution is to incorporate neutral colors as well. Mexican tile colors pair with earthy materials like stone or wood. Contrasting a colorful accent wall against light tones of beige or simply white, will tone down your Southern ambience and bring some relaxation and harmony. If on the other hand, you prefer to play it safe with mostly neutral colors, you can have a look at our collection of solid color Mexican tiles. They have evenly spread paint over them so they look less rustic but still their hue is intense enough to spice up the room. Combine plain color ceramic tiles with some drops of more vivid colors as an accent in the form of accessories such as Mexican tile mirrors, tabletops or textiles. It will give a more relaxing feel to your interiors.