You are designing a Mexican style bathroom and you want to add a Southern looking toilet as well? Look no more. Find the traditional art of Talavera ceramics where you could expect it the least-on a W.C. and bathroom accessories. Step outside the comfort zone and consider adding a stunning, rustic Mexican toilet that will make your bathroom look unusual and stylish.

painted mexican toilet for bathroom wc

Mexican style lavatory needs to be equipped with corresponding components. If you do not want to be overwhelmed by complex patterns and contrasting tones, you can decorate the bathroom walls and floor in a solid, bright color and then add multicolored vanity and Mexican toilet set. For some colourful inspiration, take a look at our bathroom collection that embraces the vivid and intense energy of Mexico illustrated on each of our Talavera sinks, handmade Mexican, rustic toilets or bright ceramic accessories. Using Talavera sinks and hand-painted Mexican rustic toilets are the best way for creating a typical Southern style. Obviously, you can go ahead and decorate all your bathroom in Mexico-inspired motif. For that, please check our selection of Talavera ceramic tiles and sinks. Mexican tile sinks are handmade of clay or porcelain ceramic, painted and fired. Their designs are often based on existing Mexican tile 4×4 patterns which makes it possible to ornament the whole room with a single design.

Our bathroom sets consist of Talavera sink, hand-painted Mexican toilet (toilet seat and ceramic accessories). The designs depict Mexican symbols, landscapes, flora and fauna. Some of them are painted with traditional Mediterranean motives as the Talavera art comes from the South of Europe, with predominant inspiration in Moorish and Spanish heritage. That is why you can easily create a Mediterranean feel in your lavatory, powder room or master bath. The most dominant colors used to embellish Mexican toilets are green, blue, terracotta, yellow and white. One could say that this palette does not provide many designing options but just have a look at thousands of patterns of Mexcian toilets and all the possibilities they deliver. From the most exotic designs, geometrical mosaics to classic floral arrangements, you can have any motif you can imagine on your brand new toilet seat. If you love the rustic charm that explodes with cosiness and cheerfulness, a Mexican bathroom is the ideal relaxing retreat for you. Consider complementing your purchase with handcrafted Mexican tiles for your bathroom counters or shower walls. This will give a cohesive look to your new, spicy bathroom.