Embrace the spirit of the South with our beautifully handmade collection of Mexican relief tile! A luxurious option for your home decor, the relief tiles are hand-painted using special glazes that leave a high-gloss and distinctly raised or “relief” finish after firing which makes them a striking accent in any space of houses and apartments. Their unusual beauty allows creating multiply, attractive remodelling projects in the exteriors and interiors with a pinch of Mexican creativity and energy.

decorative relief tiles for kitche, bathroom, pool and stair risers

If you love rustic style, for sure you will love a relief tile from Mexico that is entirely handmade and for that has this rough and natural look. There is no machinery used of any kind in the process so the production is time-consuming and the ceramic material used is of much higher quality than for a regular Talavera tile. Additionally, all the designs are inspired in local art and craft tradition that represents landscapes, animals, floral patterns and many abstract and ethnic ones using a vibrant and cheerful color palette. Some of the raised tiles are influenced by an ancient Moorish art that Spanish artisans appreciated and included in their work since the Middle Age and then this rich and century-old tradition was introduced to Mexican craftsmen. All the history behind the Talavera tiles makes this material even more exclusive and for sure will help to upgrade any décor from the most traditional to modern spaces.

As one of the most noticeable elements in the interior design, a Mexican relief tile will brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or any room you decide to decorate it with. Choosing from thousands of designs we are offering is not going to be easy but undoubtedly it is going to be very satisfactory to find the perfect color palette and motif to embellish your home. A relief tile will add a welcoming feel in your lobby and star raisers. Being a multidimensional piece of ceramic, its impact is so much more powerful than of a normal tile. Therefore the high raised tiles should be considered for all the projects that include accenting or adding compelling contrast. The kitchen backsplash is definitely a great spot to be decorated with a relief tile project. As for the stair risers, there are so many ways you can ornament them with our relief tiles. You can choose one design for all the rows. You can play bolder and install a different design on every row of your risers or create some sort of pattern like chess. There are two relief tile sizes used in the majority of remodelling works. Those are 6×6 used on stairs and 4×4 meant for the most part for kitchen, bathroom and interior wall decoration.