Create a charming and welcoming ambience with a splash of color with stunning Mexican sinks. All of them are handmade by authentic, local artisans that are experts in Talavera ceramics that hand their knowledge over from one generation to another. The result is a breathtaking addition for a country cottage or Southern-style bathrooms.

mexican bathroom sinks

Our company offers ceramic Mexican sinks as drop-in and vessel type. As far as the shape, you can find oval and round models. Once you enter a particular product you can order your hand-painted sink in two standard sizes (14.5 or 17 inches) but do not feel confined by the measurements, our skilful experts can manufacture an entirely custom Mexican sink that adjusts with shape and size to the client’s requirements. As far as the designs, after looking at all the varieties available, you may think that the greatest dilemma can be too much choice. From solid color Mexican sinks to sophisticated patterns in Talavera, classic style or ethnic and modern designs, selecting the right ceramic vanity for your bathroom will be a real bliss! To make your bathroom remodelling even easier, ceramic Mexican sinks designs are often based on existing Mexican tile patterns that are also offered on our Web page. It makes it possible to decorate the whole bathroom with a single design. In such a case, ceramic washbasins and walls are finished with the same or similar motif.

Ceramic Mexican tiles come both in solid colors and with intricate patterns. We would recommend starting your bathroom décor layout with a solid color combination for bigger areas such as walls and counters first. You can use one color for both the background and accents or choose to use a different color for the edging tiles and the sinks. The most common tones used in Talavera Mexican tiles are blue, white, yellow, green and brown (terracotta). With thousands of motives, combining Mexican sinks with the rest of the materials will be an easy choir. The hues used to paint this ceramic appliance are very powerful and bright providing a visual extravagance and the palette combination might surprise you and enchant just like Mexican art, cuisine and architecture. If you are an enthusiast of simple and modest style, many of our Mexican sinks are created in a very traditional white and blue style that embodies the Spanish or Portuguese tradition in tiling. Some of them are painted in plain, solid color with a washed, rustic finishing that adds a lot of character to any room.