If you find Mexican tiles appealing, think how stunning a ceramic relief tile can present itself in your home interior decoration. The raised relief pattern enhances the charming appearance of a ceramic tile. Make a powerful designing statement with our handcrafted ceramic relief tiles that will transform a regular kitchen or lobby into a vibrant and colorful state-of-art space.

mexican ceramic relief tile

What is a ceramic relief tile? Shortly, it is a ceramic tile with a relief pattern. In case of a ceramic relief tile from Mexico, it involves a very unique painting technique. The artisan, instead of using a traditional brash, is squeezing a small bottle with paint pouring it on the tile surface which was earlier designed with a hand drawing. Applying various colors the painter is leaving a substantial amount of paint, elevating particular elements from the background fo the design. Once ceramic tiles are fired, the surface becomes very hard and the tile pattern can be easily distinguished not only by colors but especially by the raised relief pattern. It is a traditional technique passed from one generation of ceramic craftsmen to another. All of our handmade, ceramic tiles are made in workshops based in Mexico that is nowadays the main manufacturer of those decor products. Our customers can be sure that high relief tiles that they are purchasing are authentic gems of Mexican craft and therefore- a perfect rustic addition for singular remodelling projects.

Having no machinery used in the process makes a ceramic relief tile an exclusive, one-of-a-kind material that will upgrade any area of your home, whether it is in the interiors as well as outdoors. Their production is time-consuming and the ceramic material used is of much higher quality than for a regular Talavera tile. It means that high relief tiles are not cheap. However, considering their decorative value they are not that expensive either. Take into an account that you are investing in a long-lasting and highly unique material that can be used in an infinity of designs. Mexican ceramic relief tile is often used for stair risers, kitchen tile backsplash and Southern accents on walls and floors. Although it might seem like the relief tiles are a traditional Colonial element, they have become very trendy recently with the popularity of the Southwest style in modern interior designing. Many homeowners are combining old-looking materials with contemporary furnishing, creating an eclectic or rustic style.