Mexican Ceramic Tiles

Are you looking for the best store with Mexican ceramic tiles for sale? Don’t go anywhere any further. Take a look at site and apart of the largest selection of ceramic tiles for sale on the internet, enjoy great savings and free shipping. As a Mexico based mexican tile distributor positioned strategically within a heartland of talavera tiles production in state of Guanajuato, we are in position to supply all Mexican ceramic tiles you need. From handcrafted relief tiles to hand-painted ceramic tile designs as well as trims, we have it all. Perhaps it takes a few days longer to deliver with economy service from Mexico to the US and Canada, the prices are absolutely rock bottom.

Mexican Tiles for Sale

You can select patterns in various tile categories. Those include high relief tiles, talavera border tiles, Mexican ceramic tiles, tile sinks and WC toilets. All our ceramics are well packed by professional stuff employees at our facility in San Miguel de Allende and shipped to the border on weekly bases. It is worth to mention that our warehouse is located only 15 miles from the factories of Mexican tiles and our pick up track makes trips there twice a week. We offer our mexican ceramic tiles for sale for buyers and contractors renovating kitchen, bathrooms, stair risers and swimming pools. You can use them for all other decorative projects you can think of while working on you home improvement.

mexican ceramic tile for sale