Kitchen is believed to be the heart of any home but Southern style houses embrace beautiful, elegant and cheerful kitchens more than any other decors. The key to the success is a ceramic tile that will make decorating kitchen in Southern style the easiest and the most enjoyable remodelling project you can imagine. Just as Mexico itself, there are very few rules that one has to follow in order to create an ideal Mexican feel. However, vivid colors, artisan decoration and an element of surprise are indispensable.

mexican talavera tiles

Decorating a kitchen in Southern style does not have to be difficult providing you have easy access to Mexican furnishings, ceramic tiles and accessories. If you want authentic and high-quality products you should buy from distributors located on the South from the border. is a well-established supplier of Talavera and Southeastern style ceramic tiles. The company is located close to the largest Mexican tile production center of Dolores Hidalgo supplying the best Moorish, Southern and Spanish hacienda tile patterns. Each decorative tile is handcrafted individually by a skilled artisan what adds a remarkable, rustic feel to every ceramic tile we sell. All the designs are based on a centuries-old tradition of Talavera tiling, local craft and art as well as a bold and vivid color palette so emblematic for the architecture of this stunning country. You can find thousands of tile designs on our web page which ensures us that all of our clients will find the right Mexican, decorative tile for their kitchen, whether it will be a plain square tile, Southern trim tiles or kitchen tile murals. The Mexican decor gives you a lot of freedom as far as mixing colors and patterns therefore choosing tiles can be fun. For those of homeowners who cannot decide on a specific model, we even sell Mexican tiles sold in lots, previously sorted to create an unusual but cohesive look.

As we have already mentioned, the color is fundamental for decorating kitchen in Southern style, inspired by Mexico. The intensity of the most attractive colors can come in the form of kitchen utensils, the drapery, the linens. Use some turquoise, deep blue, green, fluorine yellow, red and fuchsia pink elements and pair them with our bright, high relief tiles or vessel, ceramic sink. Think about covering your kitchen backsplash with hand-painted, ceramic tiles that will protect this area from stains and water splashes. Our products are durable and waterproof and at the same time will make a great visual effect in decorating kitchen in Southern style.