Mexican floor tiles are relatively cheap if you know where to buy them. Take a look for example on our site. Since we ship our floor tiles directly from Mexico our prices are the best on the market. We also offer free shipping to all US mainland destinations. Delivery to Canada carries economy freight cost. In general, Mexican floor tiles are rustic. They are handmade including cutting them out of red clay. Their color tones vary from region to region as it depends on the specifics of raw material. In fact, most classic hacienda floor tiles are cheap as they come from region of Dolores Hidalgo located in state of Guanajuato.

Mexican tiles can be used for tailing indoors and outdoors providing you live in warm climate and water is not going to freeze on tile surface. Even though, it is recommended to varnish them twice after installation, still, water may penetrate deep and freezing cause damages. Most tiles made of red clay are 12×12. You can also order them 10×10 and 8×8 with round edges or without them. The price is the same. If you are decorating your house hacienda style, using mexican tiles on kitchen and bathroom floor is a great idea providing your are adding Southern character to those rooms. Often, cheap Mexican floor tiles are used in colonial foyer and living rooms.

mexican cheap floor tiles

After you finish tiles including cement between them with clear laquier, their color changes from red to terra cotta which is typical in Spanish colonial architecture.