6×6 Mexican tile is often used for kitchen counters and decorating stair risers. Often, 6×6 inch talavera tiles are used for patio and veranda floor as accents. They are installed as inserts between larger clay tiles which are typical for Spanish hacienda style. In general, there are three sizes of Mexican tile for sale. Those are the largest 6×6, 4×4 that are the most common and 2×2 use for accents. Some Mexican producers offer 1×1 and those are rarely use so there are not too many designs are available. Concerning two largest tiles, all patterns are offered and they come in variations of colors. For example Anita style which belongs to mexican tile handmade in 6×6 tile size with dark blue, green and terra cotta color, all on creamy white background.

6x6 mexican tile

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