Mexican wall tiles are hand made in Dolores Hidalgo and Puebla. Both town are located in central Mexico. Wall tiles are produced from talavera clay which is a mixture of three different materials. Once fired the tiles are becoming red. The first firing is conducted usually in wood burning stoves after the tiles were dried on the sun. Then the background color is applied by pouring paint over tile surface. Soon after Mexican wall tiles are hand painted with one of many patterns. Tile designs can be divided into four main categories. They are made of classic style which uses only one color over white background, multicolor Spanish hacienda, folk art which includes animals, flowers and celestial and plain color tiles. The last group distinguishes two type of painting technique typical for Mexico. Either talavera tiles are solid color or washed which is more rustic.

As soon as ceramic wall tiles are decorated, they are placed in industrial ovens and heated to high temperature for eight hours. Paint covering Mexican tile surface is baking creating crest which is often known as glaze. This protective layer makes also tiles shiny, easy to maintain clean. Mexican wall tiles can be used for country kitchens on backsplash or counter as well as luxury homes as they create antique character in the room.

mexican wall tiles on a kitchen backsplash