Mexican style tile is know as a term since beginning of Spanish colonization in Americas. This tile style originated in Northern Africa and then spread to Spain and furthermore to Mexico. Main center of tile production is Dolores Hidalgo and Puebla. The city and the state carry the same time. While ceramica poblana is more elaborate and expensive, vast majority of Mexican style tile designs are handmade in Guanajuato. Mexican tile style was introduced in the New World in its classic form. For the most part it was made of two color tile patterns. Either cobalt or dark brown were used for painting often over white background. Colors were rusted as the early settlers were using lead paints. Only with the end of the twentieth century most Mexican tile style producers switched to water based colorants.

The decision was made mostly due to the US regulations restricting entry to the country ceramic talavera containing heavy metals. Nevertheless, the production techniques remain traditional what makes tile unique but also difficult to duplicate. It is important to remember that tiles made in Mexico will vary too some degree from one production run to the other. It is mainly due to the fact that ingredients are mixed without any sophisticated equipment. So, if you are working on some kind of home improvement project around your kitchen, bathroom or patio buy enough tiles to cover the entire surface. If you are short and in need to purchase additional tile lots, they may not necessary be that different looking but they might.

mexican tile Dolores Hidalgo style

Of course, if your Mexican tile is not installed on the wall yet you are fine. You could mix your ceramic tiles together creating even more rustic look which was typical to colonial area. However, if you realize that you do not have enough tiles and you need to order more in Mexico, part of the wall will look most likely different. The reason I am telling about it, it is because we received numerous inquiries about Mexican style tile to be copied based on images. We can recreate the pattern, cannot match the color tones unless making all tiles at the same time. Mexican talavera tiles can be used for interior and exterior decorating.