Mosaic tile backsplash can be plain color or decorative. In the case of Talavera tiles, there are in reality three main choices. You can buy your backsplash tiles in plain color, hand-painted with tile patterns or a kitchen tile mural. All those tiles are handmade in Mexico by skilled artisans from Dolores Hidalgo. The town is the largest handcrafted ceramic tile production region of the entire Latin America. A lot of output from some two thousand small producers are shipped primarily to the US and Europe. There is a substantial need for kitchen tile from Mexico in a country itself. Perhaps there are not too many places on the Pacific or Atlantic coast decorated in traditional way, center of the country is heavily influenced by Spanish heritage. Mosaic tile backsplash shown on the posts image was made of so called classic tile patterns. They are made of no more than three colors including background. In most cases they are two color tile style with simple geometric figures.

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Other and the best tile style for backsplash and kitchen wall are hacienda tiles. Their design consists of hundreds of and complicated figures painted with many different color paints. Some of them show clear signs of Moorish past and others have typical Arabic paintings that were changed along passing time into more colorful version commonly know as Mexican mosaic tiles. There are also interesting tile type based on indigenous styling and folk art. This group includes moons, suns, eclipse, stars, lizards, birds, flowers and geckos. They usually are no more than two color tiles.

mosaic tile kitchen backsplash

Mosaic Tile Backsplash Country Style

The last segment of mosaic ceramic tile for a kitchen are plain tiles. They come in two basic versions regardless the color. Tile can be solid or washed. The latest tiles are painted white first and then finishing color is poured over the surface creating rustic look. That tile style is best for a colonial hacienda and country style kitchen. It is important to remember that mosaic tile from Mexico regardless the application for example kitchen, bathroom, backsplash or shower will craze. Tiny spider web cracks will appear shortly after their installation that can be made more visible by applying contrasting color grout. Or this hazing can be hidden to some degree by applying same tone cement. Usually, buyers buying them prefer to have their mosaic tile backsplash vintage or even antique looking. If you are into this kind of décor including country, old European or colonial, mosaic ceramic tile from Mexico is most definitely the best choice.