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Add Style with Decorative Tiles

There are many types of decorative tiles available on the market today. Often, their decorative appeal depends on the region or the country the tiles were made as well as the material used for their production. Let’s concentrate on mosaic tiles from Mexico. You can easily distinguish a few basic groups. Those are talavera tiles, painted relief tiles and clay tiles. All of them are handmade in standard sizes including 2×2, 4×4, 6×6 and some patterns as small as 1×1 inch. The most popular tiles with decorative style motives are the second and third size. They are often used on kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and foyer stair risers as well as swimming pools and fountains. You can find relief tile used as accent between larger red clay tiles on patio and veranda floors.

Decorative Relief Tiles

The definition indicates that high relief decorative tiles have their design elevated over the background. They are handcrafted primarily in state of Guanajuato located in central Mexico. Some patterns are simple falling into classic hacienda category and others display very labor intensive paintings with their roots in no doubt baroque area. Mexican relief tiles are decorated piece by piece and made of ceramic material withstanding freezing temperatures. Even though it is not recommended to used them outdoors in wet areas, you can decorate with those tiles covered veranda and outdoor patio.

Decorative Mexican Tiles

Decorative tiles from Mexico are often called talavera tiles. There is huge production output available out of Dolores Hidalgo and Puebla. However, the first town makes way larger quantity of Mexican ceramic art tiles supplying primarily their own country and the US. Some decorative tiles from Mexico are exported to Europe where UK is one of the largest importers. Occasionally, some decorative design tiles are shipped overseas to the Orient. By talking a closer look at some tile patterns one can easily notice Arabic character. In fact, many decorative tiles were introduced in Spain by Moroccan artist before the country become what it is today. Obviously, some decorative tiles were brought to the New World during conquest and after some modifications became what is know nowadays Mexican decorative tiles. They are great for decorating vintage and antique kitchen, baths, living rooms and gardens.

mexican decorative tiles for kitchen, bath, stairs and patio
Mexican Decorative Tiles

How to buy Decorative Tiles

Navigate to decorative tiles category page, where you will find a spectacular variety of Mexican ceramic tiles available for immediate purchasing. It is a perfect and the best way to decorate any living space. myMexicanTile brand is offered in plain and painted style. Install then on your home walls while working on your kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects. Some buyers used decorative tiles for coasters. Other store departments can compliment decorative tiles with hand painted tiles, ceramic tile murals, swimming pool borders and accent tiles.