Spanish tile backsplash can be created in a variety of ways. The most common method is installing behind the cook-top on a kitchen wall a hand painted mural. To make tile backsplash Spanish looking we suggest picking up one of our talavera murals depicting old Europe imagery. It could be country scenery or perhaps Mediterranean fruit basket. Often, it is accompanied with a bottle of whine and cheese.

Deciding about your Tile Backsplash Color

If you decide to make your kitchen bright and that of course includes white decorated ceramic tiles, light color paint and brass or nickel-plated cabinet hardware. The best idea for such decorating idea is using granite or marble counters with an apron copper or zinc sink. It can be a single, double or even tripe compartment version. Some interior architects incorporate a tube lamp below wall hanging kitchen cabinet illuminating the tile backsplash and you brand new Spanish style mural.

Spanish Tile Backsplash Production

As our site domain name suggests, our terra cotta tiles are produced South of the border. They are handmade used for decorating not only kitchen backsplash but also bathrooms, showers and patios. You can find them installed on tabletops and bars. Have Spanish tile backsplash will done most definitely will make the statement about your preferences and love for reach colonial past. Spanish tile mural installed on a wall can be found in both traditional hacienda housing as well as modern architecture. The later application is a sort of accenting. Since our tiles are handcrafted upon receiving the order, you can modify the tile design including changing tile background. For example, if the mural painting you like has a lot of yellow and your house is predominantly country, cabin or rustic, then perhaps you may consider changing the main color into brown? Or, any other as a matter of fact you decide best for your home improvement project.

How to buy Spanish Tiles

How to buy your ideal Spanish tile backsplash supplies? Search our online shopping site while having in mind you are browsing the largest selection of painted Mexican Tile, Talavera Tile, Spanish Tile red clay terracotta flooring. If you do not see tile mural or would like to modify any style just drop as the line or provide a photograph of the tiles you would like to use for developing your personal tile backsplash. Our artisans from Dolores Hidalgo are standing by and ready for hand painting ceramic tiles the way you instruct as to do.

Spanish Tile Backsplash Themes

Often used objects with Spanish spirit on backsplash tiles surrounding kitchen ranges and below the vent hoods beside those mentioned in a previous paragraph are daily country live from the era of conquest, vibrant trays or beer making process. When purchasing a talavera tile keep in mind it is prone to crazing. Tiny spider web cracks will appear on the glazed surface shortly after installing the tile on the wall or counter. It is typical for artisan made ceramic tiles from Mexico and it adds only to the antique character. You can speed up the hazing by submerging the tiles in water and then drying them on sun shortly after laying them in a kitchen. Then, using contrasting grout will bring up the effect even further or the same tone cement will hide them too some degree.

spanish kitchen backsplash tile

Spanish Tile Sizes and Backsplash Installation

The best Spanish tile backsplash is made of 4×4 inch tiles which in metric is 10×10 cm. Occasionally, we were supplying larger 6×6 tiles 15x15cm and they look good on a kitchen walls and backsplash as well. Since Spanish tile is hand made and that includes cutting them with a hand tool, it is necessary to leave larger spaces between them to work with the size discrepancies. Once they are filled with grout, the backsplash wall gains incredible vintage character. You will be surprised how close to the elegance of old world your backsplash is.

wall tiles on a kitchen backsplash
Spanish Style Tiles on a Kitchen Backsplash