Welcome to Mexican painted tiles, the place for shopping handcrafted tile murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, patio, veranda and tabletops. Most tiles have bright vivid designs best for decorating home interior and exterior walls. They look great with contrasting white stucco walls often used for finishing residential and commercial housing throughout South of the US.

Use for Painted Mexican Tiles

There are over four hundred Mexican painted tile designs in production today. Most of them are handmade in central Mexican state of Guanajuato around small town of Dolores Hidalgo. The region is well known of its talavera production for daily use all around Mexico and Southern states of the US. Since most painted tiles are sold in cartons covering one square meter, we decided to allow buyers purchasing sets consisting of 100 Mexican ceramic tiles with twenty different designs. You can buy as many as you wish, there is no shortage of talavera painted tiles in Mexico where our company is located.

What is the most important when considering using Mexican tiles in any home improvement project is the fact they are functional, beautiful and easy to maintain clean. Simply wash their surface periodically with soap and sponge, and let it dry. Or use a clean cloth to make tiles even more shiny than they otherwise appear to be. Indeed, Mexican made tiles are practical when using in kitchen, showers and bathrooms. You can install them in virtually any space. They will create warm and beauty typical for Mediterranean. As a matter of fact, Mexican talavera tile originated in Northern Africa and then through Spanish colonization expansion ended up on North American continent.

Mexican Tile Color Pallet

While browsing mexican-tile.net store no doubt you will come by applicable for your particular needs ideas and using Mexican ceramic tiles. They in most cases provide valuable solution for decorating interiors providing old world style is what you are really looking for. Most often Mexican pattern tiles are used for decorating kitchens and bathroom as well as stair risers. They add a contrasting colors and make the space alive. There is a limited number of colors used for decorative purpose in Mexico. The pallet includes designs made of creamy white occasionally called antique white, terracotta which looks almost as Spanish red, yellow with a mix of orange, sky blue or dark version called cobalt, various shades of green.

mexican painted tiles
Handmade Mexican Painted Tiles for kitchen, bathroom, counter, window and walls

What is the most important, our painted tiles are handmade in Mexico. They are authentic pieces of art. You can decorate the entire house with them or add to the existing decor as accents. Colorful hand painted tiles from Mexico can be utilized for many other decorative ideas such as counters, vanities, window surroundings, fireplaces mantels and more. You can buy mexican tiles painted in solid and washed patterns. Due handcrafting nature, the tiles may show variations in color paintings and sizes. You will need to leave some extra space between them to cover the discrepancies. Once grouted, the wall will look as it was finished centuries ago. Talavera tiles are rustic best for vintage style decorating.

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