We at mexican-tile.net invite you to explore handcrafted ceramic design tiles populating our decorative tile department. The same painted tile patterns you will find used for decorating clay, ceramic pottery and similar crafts.

Handcrafted Tile Designs from Mexico

The collection of tile designs used in Mexico is enormous. You will find all kinds of botanical paintings for ceramic tiles, night sky including moon, sun and combination of both. Who would forget about famous eclipse on cobalt background painted with vivid colors? You can use them for decorating entire walls or as Mexican tile accents spread out among other type of terracotta. Even though the most common handcrafted tile size is four by four. The same designs can be obtain in other dimensions like 6×6, 2×2 and some even as small as 1×1. The variety of the smallest is kind of limited because it is difficult to paint complicated designs on small surface using regular brush. Yes, ceramic tiles handcrafted in Mexico are handmade.

handcrafted ceramic tile designs from Mexico
Handcrafted Ceramic Design Tiles from Mexico

Handcrafted Ceramic Tile Murals

Our talavera mural department offers traditional Southern style tiles with handcrafted paintings. They are very unique, no two tile sets are carbon copies but rather loose interpretation of the page image you are buying the tiles from. There are many ceramic tile murals designs. Some of the most commonly sought are country scenery, cooking foods, kitchens, fruit baskets and flower pots. Some people incorporate them to the backsplash as stand alone art, others buy apart field tiles covering the entire surface.

handcrafted ceramic tile murals
Handcrafted Ceramic Design Tile Murals for Kitchen wall and backsplash

How Handmade Ceramic Tiles are Made?

Unique line of handmade ceramic tiles from Mexico has certain specific features not found in porcelain tiles. Then are made of three different clays mixed together and dried on sun. Once the red bisects are ready they are primed with white paint which could be left for the tile background or it may be painted over again. Once this part of the tile making is done, the artisans from Mexico are hand painted designs on their surface. Some tiles are actually printed using primitive methods and others are produced using both techniques. Then, ceramic tiles are placed in large ovens heated with propane and fired for at least eight hours. It is important the cooking down process is slow. Otherwise they may crack open. The temperature creates on the ceramic tiles surface crest called sometimes glaze. It will haze shortly after what is typical for talavera ceramics including tiles. It makes the product antique style. They look like there were made hundreds of years ago by first European settlers. They are too certain degree water resistant to the point they are often used in swimming pools and fountain basins.

Handcrafted Ceramic Tile Applications

Design your kitchen or bathroom wall or just the backsplash with handcrafted ceramic tile murals. There are many more applications for hand made ceramic tiles. You can used them to decorate tabletops and low traffic rustic floor areas. Often, you will find them covering veranda walls blending beautifully with the surroundings especially when they are depicting nature around. A wide range of colors starting from pastel tints to very contrasting reds, greens, blue and yellow make them applicable for modern as well as traditional homes.

  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathroom walls
  • Tabletops and Counters
  • Patio and veranda floor
  • Mexican accents

Even though our handcrafted ceramic design tiles are produced in Mexico, you will find among them Italian, Portuguese, Arabic and Moorish style in both flat talavera and relief tiles category.