Mexican tile store online or brick and mortar? I will try to answer the question the best I can but keep in mind internet Mexican tile outlet I may be bias towards the first version. Still, I believe I understand well the differences as well as pros and cons related to each option.

  • What is online tile outlet
  • Fixed address commercial business
  • Limitations and advantages of buying on Internet
  • Shopping Tiles in Mexico

Mexican Tile Outlet

Mexican tile outlet is a site you can brows talavera tile designs collections, read details about the item on its product page and then select certain quantity you need. Once the selection is decided, you proceed to store checkout to make the payment. In case of mymexicantile brand, we offer free shipping to the US mainland. We accept PayPal so if you would like to use your credit card enter the processor page to fill up the form. It is important to remember we are not getting access to your personal data, that company does. Once the amount has been approved by them, the order shows up in our administration section. It is processed, production ordered and shipped as soon as your ceramic tiles are ready. Shipping company such as fedex will deliver them to your door. If you are purchasing larger quantity, the carrier will call before coming to your home to schedule the appointment. You will need to inspect and then sign a receipt stating that nothing was broken. If you notice some broken stuff, take images and indicate to the driver about the losses. If they are significant, accept the cargo and forward pictures and copy of the receipt with your remarks to us so the claim can be made with the logistic company. We will not be waiting for their decision but ship the replacement custom tiles from Mexico as soon as possible.

Mexican Tiles Outlet

Mexican Tile Store

In general, it s a business selling Mexican style tiles from a certain location. If the company operating in your neighborhood is large enough you are one of few how is lucky. At least considering the time and speed you are able to get your tiles and begin working on your brand new decoration or reconstruction project. For some reason, restaurants and bars Mexico style are in more harry than individual buyers. Perhaps because they are not that much concerned with the specific tile designs as the other buyer group. They want Mexican interior to suit their commercial acclivity profile, that’s all. But when you are converting your home interiors into Southern style, specific tile patterns are very important. Due to the nature of brick-and-mortar store, there might be limitations of what you can actually buy in stock. Importing and stocking large volume of handmade tiles is very expensive so only the most common hand painted tiles are kept.

Buying Mexican Tiles Online

First and for the most concern the customers have when buying online is how safe the purchasing is abroad. Well, it is same as in your own country. As a matter of fact, even though shipped from Mexico, the transaction takes place in a country you are making the payment. So, the whole dispute mechanism is in place. Whether the product you received doesn’t match what you were offered or there was no delivery, you can claim the problem with your card and get your money back.

mexican tile online
Mexican Tiles Online

Other advantage of buying terracotta tiles on line is the variety. No doubt, Mexican site offers way greater line of designs, colors, shapes and styles. How it is possible? We order our talavera ceramics locally as we are Dolores Hidalgo based and ship directly to the buyer. There is no limit on quantity nor style. All our products are produced quickly, it takes no more than four weeks to have them delivered to the US mainland address. Shipping oversea may take longer and cost depends on your geographical location.

If you have any questions about our Mexican Tile Store, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are glad to work architects and designers involved in small renovations and large projects.