Mexican Tile Variety

The best for decorating interiors in Southern style are hand painted Mexican tiles. You can buy them as individual designs or in lots hundred of pieces per box. I saw vendors online retailing other quantities as well. Some sits and among them offer free delivery to the US mainland and Canada even though they are based in Mexico. Considering the distance the products need to travel from their origin to destination, it is a good deal. The most commonly ordered decorative ceramic tiles are 6×6 and 4×4 where the second size is the most popular for indoors.

Hand Painted Tile Origin

Painted tiles are handmade in Dolores Hidalgo using old world production techniques. It means, they are very rustic meant to resemble Spanish architecture from the past introduced to Americas during fifteen century. So, obviously best application for Mexican Tiles are hacienda style houses, colonial building exteriors and any other private or public space which require adding some warmth and unique touch. To get an idea I suggest simply browsing our mosaic tile collections with authentic handcrafted Mexican talavera to see how vast the variety has become. There are new design motifs added regularly. Usually, they are custom orders based on pictures taken in palaces and estates all around Europe and Latin America. Perhaps your particular pattern is not in production any more, don’t worry. Artisans from Mexico we meticulously recreate it employing the same as their ancestors before them production techniques.

Where to install Mexican Tiles

mexican painted ceramic tiles

Mexican decorative tiles are usually installed in all areas around the house. You can have them in a bathroom, swimming pool and sauna. Hand painted murals are often furnishing a kitchen backslash behind the sink or range hood. Handcrafted relief ceramic is best for stair risers, trims and baseboards. Occasionally, talavera is used for inserts between large clay floor pavers. Both inside the home as well as covered veranda, patio and balcony.