As a mayor online distributor of genuine handcrafted Mexican tiles, talavera murals and floor pavers, we offer discount prices for all commercial buyers. The same quotes can enjoy all individual home owners buying our hacienda tiles in larger lots. Our selection consist of many different designs than can be categorized in certain way. They can be Spanish designs, folk, day of the dead and plain type. In addition, we produce them as a kitchen décor in variety of sizes with borders or without them.

Mexican Tile Outlet

Apart of regular talavera that is one quarter thick, we are in business of commercialization of relief tiles, painted sinks and handcrafted toilets. They can be supplied with any tile design. In fact, custom production of decorative porcelain sinks and WC is our specialty. Check online mexican tile distributor sitemap for all patterns and options.

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Buy Mexican Tiles online all around the world. Free delivery to the US.

Learn more by reading our talavera tile history page about origin of hand painted ceramic from Dolores Hidalgo and thy way it can be used for decorating home interiors, verandas and patios. Shop our online outlet and save, shipping is free.

Trade Discount Tiles

Spanish style tiles from Mexico are often used by designers, architects, trade decorators and builders for adding Southeastern accents to the room or recreating South of the border hacienda character. If you need a substantial number of handmade Mexican mosaic tiles please get in touch with us through our distributor size for a quote. We grant automatic discount for all commercial clients including those located outside the US. Needless to say, our second largest customer base is located in Canada from East to West. Even though it takes longer to deliver due to the distance the products need to travel, the purchasers are usually satisfied because of the quality of artwork and attention to pattern detail.

Ordering Custom Tiles in Mexico

Our best seller are hand crafted Mexican ceramic tiles offered for sale in two sizes. Those are four and six inches square. We also fabricate kitchen wall murals that can be used in both backsplash and tabletops. They can be customized for dimensions to fit your available space. Our online distributor outlet can deliver them quickly taking into account that our output is produced and Mexico and then shipped North across the border.