There were some Mexican tile press releases dedicated to the product and its decorative applications. We summarized some of the articles on our site to give a reader better idea what handmade ceramic tiles from Mexico are all about.

handmade mexican tile mural
Decorative Mexican talavera murals for walls are painted using 4×4 and 6×6 tiles.

News outlets such as Los Angeles and New York Times as well as Forbes wrote pieces about decorative nature of handmade ceramic tiles from Mexico and their history including Diego Rivera birthplace, the estate located in Guanajuato state furnished with talavera tiles. It is worth to mention that the vast majority of tiles used within the country as well as exported are produced in Dolores Hidalgo situated no more than fifty kilometers from the city.

decorative ceramic tiles
Kitchen wall decorated with Talavera tiles and hand painted mural. Counters are also covered with terracotta color tiles from Mexico