If you are searching for ceramic tile blue and white our online store has thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products for sale. Using mexican-tile.net form search through our beautiful ceramic tiles designs and find great home improvement ideas for decorating indoors and outdoors. You can use blue and white ceramic tile patterns for bathroom floor, mosaic tile shower, blue tile backsplash with white kitchen tile counter. For submerged areas such as seeming pool water line and fountains consider decorative relief tiles. They are made of high density ceramic material, very strong and whether resistant. You can even install them outside the house located in cold winter regions.

Blue White Tiles from Mexico

Our blue/white tiles from Mexico come in various shades and they are perfect addition to any indoor space. You can pick up muted and eggshell or very high contrast cobalt. Of course, we carry both tiles with blue and white tile designs as well as plain color ceramic tiles. Most of them can be ordered in three main sizes. Those are two by two, four by four and six by size where the second option is the most common. Application is unbelievable. Some buyers used them on stair risers and others on kitchen walls. Others added them between larger floor pavers as inserts adding some southern warmth to the living space. Beside typical ceramics use, have them displayed on the table as coasters for coffee caps, wine glasses. Or take under consideration hand painted murals from Mexico. If you look further for other products from Dolores Hidalgo, you will be surprised to see that many daily use ceramic products are available with the same patterns.

How to Find Blue and White Tiles on our Website

cobalt blue and white ceramic tiles

Our online tile store has been designed the way you can select patterns by color, size, style. In the section choose by color you will find dark blue and white tiles. Click it to see the entire available selection. Many of the paintings are typical for early colonial period with Spanish styling. We call the classic ceramic tiles. Among interesting patterns you will find moon, eclipse, moon with sun, geckos, geometrical figures amount others.

We also have on offer blue & white mixed styles in hundred piece cartons. They are 4×4 inches in size and about one quarter of an inch thick. Our high relief ceramic tiles are much thicker, they are half an inch. Regardless the color or pattern you decide to use from our website for your renovation project, talavera ceramic tile is beautiful and truly the perfect decorative accent.