If you are both great admirer of joyful and bright Mexican tiles and at the same time a deeply practical person, you should consider installing on your kitchen backsplash a Talavera mural. Perhaps you are tired of white walls and minimalist design? Decorative Mexican kitchen backsplash tiles are a must and a perfect addition to any home chef and with the variety of styles we offer between ceramics, relief tiles, one-color or beautifully painted Talavera murals. We are sure you will locate in our online tiles store a perfect match for you taste.

For classic style devotee, the best way to decorate your Mexican backsplash tiles could be the Talavera white and blue that will add a flair of folk art into your kitchen. Continuing the unique tradition of handmade ceramic tiles from Mexico, we offer those in a vast array of patterns and sizes. Another type of stunning mosaic backsplash tiles that are ideal for a simpler wall decoration can be one-color design that you can also find in a variety of colors and in sizes 4×4 and 6×6. We also prepared for our customer the option of a mix of colors. They include terracotta, blue, green, yellow, orange in various shades. Some tiles are washed with semi-transparent look and others are solid. The set consists of more or less ten different colors randomly selected so your design will gain a pop of diverse colors to work with.

If you are not afraid of bold statements in your Mexican kitchen, buy one of the thousands of patterns in the menu of kitchen tile designs that consist of multicolored patterns ranging from floral or abstract designs to more figurative representations of nature, animals, landscapes and traditions such as Day of the Dead. Let your imagination fly with those incredible decorative, cheerful but always solid and high quality. We also sell them in an arranged mix of different patterns such as “Mexican Folk Tile” or Celestial Tile Mix”. This category of backsplash tiles is an absolute winner as accents for your hacienda style wall.

decorative kitchen backsplash tiles from Mexico

If what you want to see while cooking or cleaning the dishes is a bucolic image of the country landscape, try with our decorative Mexican kitchen backsplash tiles. Take a look at our lovely collection of bucolic and picturesque murals that can be found in 4×4 24″ long x 20″ wide (60cm x 50cm) or 6×6 30″ by 24″ (75cm x 60cm). Almost all of our products are highly customizable and the Mexican talavera tiles are not an exception. In consequence, if you have already found the image you love but the standard size is not suitable for the area you are remodeling, we can create it according to your requirements. Our kitchen tile murals are perfect for decorating Mexican kitchen backsplash with one of the pictures representing farmhouse daily life, fruits, wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery in order to create a real rustic ambiance. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, undoubtedly, they will make a profound statement piece.