When considering the tiling projects, many of us associate those with kitchen or bathrooms, however, those decorative elements can add a lot of style to your entrance or porch with beautifully handcrafted front step tiles. There is something exceptional about things that are handmade and hand-painted. There is no tile that would look alike and perhaps that is why our relief tiles are so well-received.

decorating step front with ceramic tiles

Styling your entrance can bring a welcoming flair to your home. It is a message to the world that you want your guests and family to feel that this a house that cares equally about its indoors and outdoors’ style. The front step tiles are unique and have so much rustic feel that our customers just love them. It is almost impossible not to find the right design for your stair raisers project as we offer thousands of models in all possible colors and patterns. The best option for your stairs remodel would be relief tiles but you can also consider Mexican and Talavera tiles in plain color or multicolored because decorative tiles are the perfect design accent for front steps that can be paired with similarly designed tiles in your lobby or pavement that leads towards your entrance door. The front step tile is quite a versatile decorative element. They can be used both indoors and outdoors providing water is not going to freeze on them. Perhaps temperature itself is not going to cause problems to front step tiles but freezing water will. So if they are to be installed on covered veranda or patio or you live in a warmer climate, go ahead with the project.

The front step tiles might be the pop of color your porch, veranda or entrance need. It can be as colorful as you want. If you prefer a subtle touch of one or two tones, we offer many white and blue Talavera tiles. On the other hand, if you are not afraid of mixing patterns and intensive, bright hues, there are thousands of patterns waiting for you to choose. Just have a look at Mexican haciendas or Spanish cottages and soon you will see that Southern-inspired front porch makes a statement. If you do not want to be too extravagant, use the same tile for all the risers. For a more classic and traditional look that will never get out of fashion, use the same tile pattern on each row of risers or use solid color tiles. You can also use different size tiles on different rows if you are designing a new home or addition such as an entrance to your garden or patio or simply any transition from one level to another.