Mexican tile wall murals have a lot of applications. They can be found in government buildings, church architecture as well as private residential homes. This handcrafted ceramic tile murals will make a great addition to the decor of any art lover. They are perfectly suitable for the use as a decorative Mexican backsplash, behind a stove or sink, in a shower or mounted and hung on the wall as other artwork. You have a multitude of decorative options but we can assure you that the result will be incomparable, unique and cheerful.

mexican tile wall murals

Mexican tile wall murals most often are used for decorating kitchen backsplash and veranda walls. Occasionally, they are installed on indoor walls and swimming pool bottoms. Run your imagination lose and choose a perfect spot for your own Mexican mural. If the wall murals have been hand-painted in Mexico it doesn’t necessarily mean it is depicting typical local scenery like a Southern restaurant or a country view. On the contrary, you can order Mexican tile wall murals with any motif you wish including Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. Handcrafted kitchen backsplash murals are available on our web page in standard and made-to-order dimensions. You can buy a ready design from the online store or send us an image with which you would like to decorate your backsplash. We are always trying to create the most unique products that will make your backsplash to stand out, being one of a kind hand-painted production. Additionally, we offer you a choice of buying kitchen ceramics with a hand-painted border or without them.

The natural scenery for those incredible works of art is a kitchen. Our Mexican tile murals are ideal for decorating backsplash with one of the pictures representing farmhouse daily life, fruits wine, Spanish colonial architecture and country scenery and many more. Therefore, do not leave your walls white like everyone else and opt for creating a unique rustic ambience with those hand-made and hand-painted murals. Apart from protecting your cooking area from splashes and stains, without a doubt, they will make a great statement piece in your kitchen. They can also be installed for kitchen walls and counters if you want to go full with this picturesque style, adding more authentic Mexican elements. Additionally, we can imagine our Mexican tile wall murals not only in the interiors. Why not placing them in your patio or balcony to embrace the beautiful views you already have with some bright and cheerful scenes of Mexican landscapes and village life? Remember that Mexican tile mural is functional, beautiful, and practical, it is easy to care for so it can be easily installed in both interiors and exteriors (as long as you do not have freezing temperatures). You can choose from a broad color scheme and choose the one that fits better the greenery of your garden or patio. Make it even a bolder design and add some Mexican relief tiles to decorate the stair risers that lead to the outdoor area. Our Mexican murals will bring a lot of warmth and comfort but they also can be glamorous and elegant.