I did not discover any other nation that would take so much pride and love for painted ceramic tiles as Mexico. This North American country is nowadays the cradle of centuries-old craftsmanship, Mexican tiles production that helps enliven and decorate homes, residencies and private businesses of all sort of styles, from the most traditional to utterly modern.

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The Mexican architecture, buildings, art and decorations are soaked with a stunning mix of Prehispanic and Spanish heritage and the endemic culture that takes special pride in ceramic art. The Mexican tiles, often called Talavera tiles are together with tequila and tacos, one of the most endemic products. Our company continue the handcrafted technique of creating glazed tiles with hand-printed designs ranging from plain-colored, figurative and abstract patterns influenced in Spanish, Moorish and local craft. We have many sub-menus that help our clients to scroll among thousands of ideas in painted ceramic tiles (for instance according to tones or types of patterns). That allows you to choose the tile that really conveys your style and fits perfectly in your remodelling project.

Mexican, hand-painted ceramic tiles can be installed in a great variety of décor scenery. They look stunningly in bathrooms on walls or counters. They combine perfectly with rustic kitchen layouts where they can be used on the backsplash for the range hood area, kitchen counters or even on the tabletop. The painted ceramic tiles can also have more offbeat use as accents decoration in mirror frames, ornamenting fountains, swimming pool areas or for entry frames. As they can be used in wet areas such as inside a bath, swimming pool and sauna, there is a great help in remodelling outdoors in regions that do not have very strong winters. Within the Mexican tiles, we have many types of ceramics from the most common style, a ceramic rectangle to considerable Mexican tile murals used often to embellish and protect kitchen walls. The newest addition to our collection is handcrafted high relief tiles for baseboards and trims. This product arises a lot of interest due to its unusual texture and beautiful visual effects. They are used as a popular decorative element for stair risers and kitchen counters. Another interesting product is the broken tiles sold for mosaic tile projects and Mexican tiles mix with twenty selected patterns chosen to create the most amazing combinations in Colonial, the folk at or Hacienda style. They are made of a mix of floral, animal and moon depicting patterns.