Far gone is the time when a bathroom was seen only as a soulless room in which bath or shower quickly without really noticing the interiors. Nowadays, the homeowners appreciate a personalized and relaxing décor in their Master baths or quest rooms. Our life gained quality and with that, we have more time to spend on our daily routines. One of the ways to create a welcoming feel in your bathroom is to set up a stunning shower with Mexican style that is as cheerful as functional. The easiest way to obtain the Southern environment in your bathroom is by applying hand-made Mexican tiles that our company offers in different categories, colors and patterns. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you are certain to find the tile that is perfect for you and your shower.

All our tiles are handcrafted, hand-painted in Mexico. During the process of elaboration, they are fired under high-temperatures for its durability and a specific, destress look. With our Mexican wall tiles, high-relief tiles and wall murals, creating a personalized, spa-alike corner will be a delight. Imagine a spacious shower with an unusual décor that reflects your style to perfection! Most of our handcrafted, shower tiles represent the traditional Talavera ceramic technique which includes not only a Colonial style but also generally speaking Mediterranean and Moorish. We have to remember that Talavera tiles were originated in the Middle Age Europe and not in Mexico and for that they encapsulate centuries of craft and many civilizations that engaged with each other for many decades like Spain and Portugal or Spaniards with Moors and of course, with Mexicans. This cultural merge of all of those societies gave us the breathtaking collection of modern and traditional Mexican tiles that are ready to be installed in not only bathrooms but also kitchens, dining rooms, entries and even gardens.

Moorish style shower

Now that you know that a shower does not have to be boring, let’s see some of the ways you can decorate it with our custom, bathroom tiles. If you love Colonial style, you can easily create a Mexican Hacienda bathroom by choosing the most classic patterns, usually with floral designs and hand-painted using 3-color palette with blue, white and terracotta as dominant hues. Creating a shower with Mexican style allows you to be bold and creative by adding all those jazzy and multicolored decorative elements. You can blend a wall mural trimmed by solid-color tiles to make a stunning one-of-a-kind showcase for your home. For a real burst of colors, we recommend you to design the shower cubicle with a seemingly random mix of our Mexican tiles to create a wonderful patchwork-like effect on the walls. We actually sell sets of Mexican patterns, previously selected in order for your remodelling projects to be as effortless and fluid as possible. Another idea is to bring a Hammam- Turkish bath style to your Master bath. Those steam baths were famous for its luxurious feel and outstanding forms. Many of our Mexican shower tiles are inspired by Moorish ceramic art that excels in geometric patterns with combinations of repeated squares and circles. Once again, you can decorate the shower surrounds using solid tiles and embellish the borders with more impressive and exquisite Arabesque patterns.