Those who truly love spending quality time in the kitchen preparing gourmet food for friends and family will for sure appreciate a beautiful and unique ambience around the prep and cooking area. The same applies to those who have an open kitchen concept where the décor around the backsplash is as important as the one of your dining area. If your home is decorated in rustic or Southern-style, consider ceramic, multicolored tiles including kitchen Talavera tiles for backsplash. It is not only going to create an outstanding, cheerful and bright scenario, but it also guarantees a durable and waterproof finish for an area of your home with the highest, daily “traffic”.

painted mexican talavera tiles installed on a kitchen wall backsplash

Decorative Mexican kitchen backsplash tiles are a must and a perfect addition to any home chef’ apartment or residence and with the variety of styles we offer between Mexican wall tiles, high-relief tiles, solid or patterned Talavera tiles, we do not doubt that there is a suitable tile for any kitchen remodelling project you are planning to undertake. Just scroll around our online store to discover all the designs in kitchen Talavera tiles for the backsplash to find the one that matches your taste and existing kitchen décor. Having a great custom backsplash will increase the value of your property in case you are planning to sell or do a creative makeover, it will catch an eye of any guest. To take the most out of our ceramic and hand-painted tiles, there are tile backsplash options to have in mind. You can choose to decorate the whole wall around the stove and sink area. This will protect all the sections of the kitchen where heavy activities like frying, boiling or washing the dishes are done. The high-quality, clay-made tiles are impermeable so you do not have to worry about splashing or staining your walls. You can go ahead and install the same design tile on the whole surface or apply solid color tiles in the majority of the wall and different types for the stove area to accentuate and create interesting visual contrast.

A fresh and fearless look can be easily achieved by placing one of the thousands of patterns of kitchen Talavera tiles for the backsplash that consist of multicolored patterns ranging from traditional, floral or abstract designs to more figurative representations of nature, animals, landscapes of Colonial cities and villages of Mexico. We also offer many Arabesque type tiles of designs that might pair better with transitional or modern styles where the homeowner desires adding abstract, geometrical forms with a harmonious color palette. For those who are a little bit indecisive, we have special deals with pre-arranged Mexican tiles sold in lots such as “Mexican Folk Tile” or “Celestial Tile Mix”.