Handcrafted, Mexican tiles are a great way to enhance a Southern feel and enliven any décor in flats, cottages, and residencies. They also work wonderfully in the outdoors where they can be applied in numerous remodelling projects from swimming pools to decorating barbecue areas, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. Installing Mexican tiles in the garden will undeniably enrich outdoor living space with vivid hues, and unusual designs, and deliver durability and waterproof protection. Excellent combination of functionality and unrefined, rustic beauty.

Mexican lifestyle appreciates family gatherings, weekend fiestas with friends, and mostly, spending time outside. No wonder, their residential architecture focuses on creating as many outdoor solutions as possible from modest balconies or veranda, and interior patios to wonderful gardens whose decorations maintain the same feeling as interiors. Therefore, Southern style will always include bright and lively colors on path walks, walls, entries, and around the dining area. One of the essential decorative elements of the Mexican style is Mexican tiles for gardens applied in a whole scope of options as high-relief tiles for embellishing stair risers, broken tile mosaics for countless smaller projects, classic wall tiles in an infinity of colors and patterns as well as spectacular tile wall murals for accenting a chosen wall. The list has no end for creative ways of installing Mexican tiles in a garden or patio. Check out our online store to build up the desired atmosphere between natural plants, flowers, and other greenery and our ceramic tiles. If in reality, you do not want to bring Southern chill to your outdoors or your design is rather made in a different style, you can still use some of the ideas of the traditional, Mexican courtyard. Let’s say you wish to spice up your swimming pool area. Installing splendid high-relief tiles around the waterline and then using the same pattern for decorating the lane that leads to the pool is a magnificent idea, regardless of the ambience.  

Additionally, any outdoor must include a space for food preparation, eating, and chilling (in that order). We cannot imagine a garden that would not host a summer party or autumnal barbecues. You can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home with elegant, colorul Mexican tiles by tiling your outdoor kitchenette’s counters or a nearby wall. You can also decorate your dining table with some amazing hand-painted tiles to add personality but mostly to protect the table from water and food stains. By installing different patterns we can create a bold separation from the rest of the green spaces. Last but not least, if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace or hearth, consider adding an extra “wow” effect and adorn it with an accent line of chosen hand-made Mexican tiles.