Smart up your remodeling space to make a great first impression with your tiling work. There is a way to add a wow factor to a finished design and for that, you need Mexican border tiles that can help you to frame and highlight a specific zone and also create this perfect finish in a wide scope of houses and apartments upgrading projects. Mexican, hand-crafted tiles are always a stunning and quite easy solution for a quick makeover in the interiors as well as exteriors. Read more to learn why you need to include Mexican border tiles in your next interior design.

Mexican border tiles

First of all, you should know that not all projects need to include Mexican trim tiles. If you are tiling, let’s say, all of your bathroom’s walls and if you are using the same design for the whole scheme then you probably can go without highlighting the edges. However, in most of the scenarios, the interior designer wants to highlight and enliven the area that has been decorated. Using the same color or pattern in the whole room might be quite overwhelming and flat. In the case you are placing two types of Talavera tiles, it is recommendable to use the Mexican border tiles to separate those two designs. For instance, you can choose one of the shower walls to make it more vivid and creative and leave the rest with solid color tiles. For that, you can opt for choosing the same pattern border tiles to match it with wall tiles, or instead of matching border, you can place different patterns and create a sophisticated accent line. The Mexican border tiles will add a sense of completion and highly upgrade a renovated space to catch the eye of any guests to your unique finish for walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, or entryways decoration.

The Mexican border tiles come in a variety of configurations to satisfy the design requirements of almost any installation. Just like our Mexican, hand-painted tiles or high-relief tiles, we offer countless designs from a very traditional, Talavera style that embodies Mediterranean atmosphere and Southern joy to modern and oriental abstract mosaics that will look great in transitional and contemporary homes. The colorful and cheerful, ceramic tiles add color, patterns, and texture to any tile installation project but if you want to keep it simple, we also offer tiles in solid, plain colors. Take advantage of our phenomenal, crafted Mexican border tiles and create definition or separate areas that can be especially helpful in lofts or open-concept kitchens where the cooking area and dining area need some sort of separation. For example, border tiles can be used to create a ‘rug effect’ in the dining area, framing patterned tiles. This differentiates the space from the working kitchen and will make it feel cosier.