If Mexican creative artistry and boldness is your cup of tea, you might consider adding our special, hand-made tiles that will transform any regular room into a state-of-art space. We are talking about decorative high relief tiles whose distinctiveness is the appealing pattern that elevates from a flat, ceramic background. This technique makes our handcrafted, Mexican tiles singular, and any décor using high relief tiles will catch the eye of your guest and family. Therefore choose wisely the area to be covered by this type of ceramic tiles. Let it be the one you want to highlight and create an accent.

high relief tiles

The raised pattern enhances the charming appearance of a ceramic tile. All of our tiles are made of Mexican, high-quality clay and each item is made by an experienced artisan. Therefore you can expect remarkable quality and unique designs that include traditional Talavera patterns, geometrical mosaics inspired by Moorish culture and many figural objects introduced from modern and pre-Colombian civilisations of Mexico. As you can see our collection of decorative high relief tiles is exceptionally extensive and each customer will be able to find a suitable design for his or her decorating project in any style you can imagine. Obviously, we should take into account that such a special product like a high-relief tile with a surface that is not flat cannot be installed in all areas. Those ceramic, hand-crafted tiles are designed to highlight and accent stair risers, backsplashes and walls. Their production is time-consuming and more expensive than of normal Mexican tiles but the effect is a durable, high-quality material that can embellish your interiors as well as exteriors. They will not be the best option for floor tiling as for high-traffic areas you want to look for something with an even surface. However, it is a luxurious option for your home décor. Using special glaze that leaves a high-gloss and distinctive raised or “relief” finish makes our decorative high relief tiles a striking accent in any space, in both: private residences and commercial spaces such as lush hotel lobbies or restaurant’s dining areas.

A relief tile adds a welcoming and warm feel in your lobby and star raisers. Being a multidimensional piece of ceramic, decorative high relief tiles will create a powerful impact and draw the attention to the area once installed. Therefore the high raised tiles should be considered for all the projects that include accenting or adding compelling contrast. The kitchen backsplash is definitely a great spot to choose our relief tiles. As for the stair risers, there are so many ways you can decorate them with our relief tiles. Firstly, you can put the same design for all the rows. Secondly, you can create a bolder statement by adding a different pattern on every row of your risers or create some sort of visual structure like chess. Choosing your ideal Mexican, relief tiles will be undoubtedly a real delight and fun!